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Astro-Townplan of Köln
ISBN 3-9808364-4-4
Astro-townplan of Berlin
ISBN 3-86514-007-6
Astro-townplan of München
ISBN 3-980-8364-1X
Astro-townplan of Wien
ISBN 3-9808364-2-8

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Welcome to the website of Sundance Berlin, the astrological consultancy of Georg Stockhorst. Here you can find a unique astrological consultancy service. A number of subjects on this website are not to be found on any other consultant's website anywhere else in the world, particularly astrological geomancy and consultation on suitable places to live and work.

Click on the buttons at the top to read more about my areas of work. My particular specialities are psychological astrology, astrological medicine, the interpretation of karma and reincarnation, palmistry and Tarot.

You can make an appointment for a personal astrological consultation not only in Berlin, but also in Vienna, Munich, Cologne and Palma de Mallorca. Consultation can also be given in English and Spanish.

An astrological consultation by telephone doesn't have to be impersonal! A lot of things can be discussed very well over the telephone.

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